Bottle deposit

Bottle deposit on non-returnable PET bottles

In order to protect the environment, a statutory deposit of 25 cents will be charged on all non-returnable plastic bottles with a capacity of 100ml to three litres in Germany from 2022. For this purpose, our bottles are now marked with a type-specific barcode and the DPG (Deutsche Pfandsystem Gesellschaft) logo on the label, so that they can be precisely assigned to us as the initial distributor (manufacturer).

We have priced in the 25 cent deposit per bottle accordingly. Of course, you can easily get back the deposit you initially paid to us. For this purpose, you can return our PET bottles (with the exception of the small shot bottles, as these only have a capacity of 60ml) to supermarkets, discounters and other stores in Germany that have a reverse vending machine. The deposit amount will then be paid out to you. For a 5-day juice cure (6 bottles per day = 30 bottles), for example, the deposit amounts to a total of 7.50 euros... so it is definitely worth returning the empty bottles after your Cleanse.

By the way, the deposit amounts refunded by the individual retailers are then subsequently invoiced to us via a so-called clearing service provider.