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Pure Delight since 2008

The best ideas are sometimes the ones that take effect the closest to home. During an ayurveda retreat in India in 2008, Astrid Purzer came up with the idea of making a healthy lifestyle possible even in everyday life, without lots of work or long trips to faraway destinations. Deeply impressed and inspired by the positive effects of ayurveda on her body and mind, she soon decided to quit her well-paying job. From that moment onward, her intensive study of ayurvedic medicine, modern nutritional sciences, food trends, as well natural and especially gentle preparation methods led her to found Detox Delight in late 2008.

Food should be more than just healthy and pure, it should be practical and enjoyable as well. Together with international detox and raw food experts, we developed our nutritional concept and lots of recipes in early 2009. Our first testers were friends and acquaintances, as well as yoga teachers, personal trainers, nutritionists, doctors, naturopaths, therapists, management consultants and journalists. The results: They were impressed with the quality, taste, service, and in particular the effects of our juices and clean food meals. We are pleased to say that this satisfaction with our products hasn’t changed. Our fans and large base of loyal customers confirm this again and again.

The original small manufactory in the heart of Munich has meanwhile grown into to several small, meticulously organized kitchens with carefully thought-out and perfectly implemented logistics: from city couriers through national overnight express deliveries all the way to our own stores and shop-in-shops. Our products are now available throughout all of Germany as well as in France, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirate.

What we have changed is our name: goodbye Detox, hello Pure Delight! Because we now offer more than just a small selection of detox cleanses. Today we support your healthy lifestyle with a whole series of juice cleanse and clean eating programs and products. For eleven years now, our guiding principle has remained unchanged: We craft everything by hand for you with lots of loving care and experience. All of our products are made from exquisite, 100% natural, plant-based, gluten-free ingredients with no additives. For your pure enjoyment. Welcome to PURE DELIGHT!