Special offers for groups and companies


Sharing success is fun! A juice cleanse together with friends, colleagues, in the family or as a couple not only increases motivation and stamina, but also the fun factor. It is also easy on your wallet. Get yourself a cleanse buddy and benefit from our convincing special conditions - no matter whether you're starting your Healthy Lifestyle as a couple or with your entire department, we have the right offer for you:

Buddy Cleanse

Family & Friends are the best motivator: scientists from the German Sports University Cologne found out that over two-thirds of the population are best motivated by their environment to visit the gym, go running, etc., regularly. And this does not only apply to sports activities: When we plan a Juice Cleanse together with someone, we not only find it easier to take the first step and keep going, but experience shows that we can also achieve better results.

Find yourself a few Cleanse Buddies, and then start  into your new Healthy Lifestyle - together! And we are happy to motivate you additionally by granting you and your buddies a generous discount on your order of at least 3 juice cleanse days:

More than 3 persons 5% (excl. shipping costs)
More than 5 persons 10% (excl. shipping costs)
More than 8 persons 15% (excl. shipping costs)

Prerequisite: minimum duration 3 days & a common start date.

Corporate Cleanse – for more energy at work

Do you want to do something really good for your employees from which they can benefit more than from any typical company event with classic team-building measures? The trend has already been recognised in the USA: Under the motto Cubicle Cleanse, many companies from premium fashion brands to investment banks have already decided in favour of a Corporate Cleanse and been able to inspire their employees to live healthier lives.

With our tailor-made offers and individual advice, we ensure that your healthy incentive is a complete success.

Healthy Canteen & Employee Benefits

Would you like to offer your employees a healthy alternative to canteens, snack bars or delivery services? A good decision! A conscious and balanced diet does not only prevent from the midday low, but is also the way to a more healthy and energetic version of yourself - not only at work, but in other areas of your life, too.

No matter whether you are interested in a few bottles of juice a week or want to introduce your employees to a monthly Juice Day... - Contact us and we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Exhibitions, Press Days & Events

Surprise your guests with delicious, colourful and fresh cold-pressed juices instead of the usual soft drinks. You have the choice between 12 balanced seasonal varieties. On special request, we can also create your very own Corporate Juice, which is individually tailored to your wishes and needs.

How about, for example, a juice in your company colours or matching a special event motto? Contact us!