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Slim Body Plan

Delivery time: 2-3 days. Start day can be chosen individually.

  • Achieving your best body within 2 weeks
  • Pure liquid with green & veggie juices & soups
  • Inkl. Boost capsules & protein shake for an active metabolism
100% natürlich

100% natural







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Achieving your best body is by no means as difficult as you think. With our Slim Body Plan, you can achieve your body goals in just 14 days.

Slim Body Plan contains:

Cleanse-phase: 7 days of SUPER GREEN & SOUP DELIGHT (ca. 700 kcal per day)

Slimming-phase: 7 days of PURE VEGGIE DELIGHT with a protein shake instead of a nutmilk (ca. 600 kcal per day)


1x TEA DELIGHT Herbal Cleanse Infusion (80g)

1x Form Nutrition Boost capsules

1x vegan protein powder