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Pure Delight - Total Body Reset

Total Body Reset

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  • Achieving your dream weight within 3 weeks
  • Total Body Reset contains 8 days cleanse phase, 6 days build-up phase and 5 days stabilization phase
  • Bonus: Metabolism Booster Beauty Package
100% natürlich

100% natural







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Pure Delight - Total Body Reset

Achieving your dream weight is by no means as difficult as you think. With our Total Body Reset program, you can achieve your body goals in just 19 days.

Total Body Reset contains:

Cleanse phase: 5 days Juice Delight and 3 days Super Green Delight

Build-up phase: 6 days Juice & Soup Delight

Stabilization phase with 5 days Super Green & Soup Delight

Bonus: Metabolism Booster Beauty Package with:
1x Tea Delight Tea (80 g): The homemade tea composition provides a metabolic boost.
3x3 Beauty Shots (for the first 3 days): Selected beautifier superfoods supply the body in 3 shots (60 ml each) with extra nutrients for a radiant new you.

Free from artificial additives and preservatives.