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Purely natural

Our cold-pressed juices and clean eating meals are 100% natural. Everything that we prepare for you is made without artificial additives, flavor enhancers or industrial sugar. What our products do contain, however, is an ample supply of vitamins, minerals and beneficial living enzymes. Vegan, lactose- and gluten-free.


Delivered to your door

We supply what you need for your healthy lifestyle: fixed and ready to eat, in environmentally friendly packaging, delivered via courier to the address of your choice. Enjoy our perfectly balanced cleanse menus and juices—as fresh as if you had made them yourself—without having to shop, cook or clean up. Day by day.


Total body effective

A healthy diet is a precise science to us. Our health food is compiled by genuine nutritionists. We have been filling refrigerators in Europe and the Middle East with juices, meals and healthy snacks for more than eleven years now. Because we know what your body needs for a successful cleanse.


Start your healthy lifestyle now

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Juice Cleanse Programs

Press reset and give yourself a break by feeding your body only liquids for a few days. You will see how light and full of energy you soon feel. We support you on your way to a healthy lifestyle—with our cold-pressed juices, made from the best harvest-fresh fruit and vegetables.

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You want to eat healthier, lose weight or just don't want to cook? But you don't have time for a cleanse lasting several days? We have the right thing for you! Our practical boxes provide you with everything you need - no matter if you are a soup fan or a juice lover.



Boost your day! Our special extras make all of your days a little brighter. To accompany a cleanse or as an everyday snack: no matter whether Tea Delight as part of your daily routine, Beauty Shots or healthy snacks for between meals or juice boxes for on the go. Easy Healthy Lifestyle to G(l)o(w).


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