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Pure Delight - Juice & Double Soup Delight

Juice & Double Soup Delight

Delivery time: 2-3 days. Start day can be chosen individually.

  • The ideal cleansing version for real soup lovers provides with its additional serving of soup, more comfortable warmth from within, especially during the colder season.

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Pure Delight - Juice & Double Soup Delight

You get 3 juices and 2 soups per day. Each 440ml bottle contains 2-3 kilos of freshly harvested fruit and vegetables, so you get 6-9 kilos of fruits and veggies a day. Our soups are finely pureed for easy digestibility. Many delicious recipes provide a lot of tasty variety.

In the early morning you start the day with juice number 1. In the morning you drink another juice. At noon one of the two soups is on your menu, the other soup you eat in the evening. We recommend that you gently heat the soups before you start. In the afternoon you also enjoy a juice.

Our juices are always freshly cold-pressed in our factory, bottled and then brought directly to you. They are NOT heated, NOT pasteurized and NOT HPP-treated. Although they have a limited shelf life, they contain more vitamins and enzymes than comparable HPP-treated or pasteurised products that were produced weeks ago and stored for a long time.

No added sugar.

Products must be stored refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C). Shelf life see label on bottle/glass bottom. Juices: 4-5 days after receipt. Soups: up to 10 days after receipt.

We reserve the right to make minor seasonal changes to the juice menu. If you suffer from allergies or food intolerances, please get in touch with us before ordering.

Nutrition facts